Soccer Pendulum

Soccer Pendulum
The Soccer Pendulum is one of the most valuable soccer skills and soccer technique development products a young player can have.   Soccer pendulums are used world wide to develop top soccer volley and soccer heading techniques.  In addition the soccer pendulum can develop shielding skills, ball control skills and ball striking skills. 

It's a soccer tool that is fun and provides great repetition.  No ball chasing!  The custom designed pendulum ball returns after every strike allowing the developing soccer player to master the particular technique he our she is working on with lots of repetition.    

A great soccer training aid.   Learn how to volley with the inside, outside and instep of the foot, all very important ball striking techniques whether the ball is on the ground or in the air.  And players learn to control incoming airballs which is another important skill for soccer players.  

The Ultimate Skills trainer Pendulum is also very good for teaching players to head the soccer ball.   Heading is not practiced enough.   There are so many different heading techniques to be learned.   A very high percentage of goals in soccer come from headers.  Defenders must clear ball accurately, midfielders must pass balls with their head and strikers must time their approach, win the header and with proper techniques, put the ball into the back of the net.  

So many skills are perfected with a soccer pendulum.  Timing, touch, technique, balance, ball to foot coordination, ball to head coordination, neck strengthening, just to name a few.  (Research shows that a great number of concussions in soccer are the result of a weak neck!)  

I could go on and on about this product.   Because its one of my favorites in developing skill at home and without the need of a training partner! 


The Ultimate Skills Training Pendulum has a 3 part (10 second) assembly process allowing easy movement. Move your pendulum around the field to offer your players extra volley and heading practice with all other training activities. 

  • Easy pendulum ball adjustment via a simple pulley system.
  • Easy to use.  Fun to use.  
  • Use at home, use at your soccer complex.  
  • Use in your speed and agility courses.
  • Add a finishing touch to your fitness drills!
  • Incorporate into your finishing drills.
  • Use in player warm ups.
  • Schedule pre-training and post-practice training.
  • Add Sand or Cement to base and pour water to harden and add weight.

A must have piece of soccer training equipment! 

A great tool for practicing with a team or alone

Ball Not Included! Purchase online search (Soccer Pendulum Balls)